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The Marina Punat is located on the island of Krk, the northernmost island in the Adriatic Sea and is reachable in a short time from a lot of Mid-European cities. The International Airport is also on the island, the transfer takes about 30 minutes.

The marina is well guarded and consists of a reception, some restaurants, sanitary facilities and an excellent Yacht service. The services of the marina are available all year round. The small village of Punat is within walking distance.

The office of Wimmer Yachting is located in the Charter area, our fleet is located on the Charter pier C3.


The coordinates of the Marina Punat:  45° 1,66' N   14° 37,56' E

The safe way to a wonderful holiday.

The Marina Punat is one of the most beautiful and biggest marinas in Croatia and is located on the southwest part of the island of Krk within a big bay. The island of Krk is easy to reach by car because of a perfect connection from the highway across a modern bridge. The historic worth seeing  city of Krk is just a few miles away. The beautiful village of Punat is within walking distance.

Address: Marina Punat - Puntica 7, 51521 Punat



There is a perfect motorway connection from Zagreb to Rijeka. From the exit Rijeka you will come directly to the bridge which connects the mainland with the island of Krk. Then it is just 30 km to the Marina Punat.


Vienna - Punat: 550 km (340 mi)

Graz - Punat: 350 km (220 mi)
Munich - Punat: 550 km (340 mi)




The Airport of Krk is on the island, about 20 km (12 mi) from Punat. The transfer takes about 30 minutes.
Price for transfer (one way) - on request 


There is enough parking area in the marina, all parking spots are chargeable. The whole marina is guarded by video monitoring. Across the marina there are further parking possibilities free of charge, however this area is not guarded.

Parking fee is payable directly for the marina. Price for parking changes annually!


In the marina there is no gas station for yachts. The gas station is about 2 nautical miles west in the port of the city of Krk (new pier for boats over 40 ft). The office of Wimmer Yachting is located in the Charter area, our fleet is located on the Charter pier C3.


An exchange office and an ATM are located in the reception. The opening hours are from 8 am to 9 pm.

The supermarket in the marina has an excellent offer of food and fresh goods. The opening hours in the summer season are from

8 am to 8 pm. Across the marina is a grocery store open all year round.

The restaurant in the center of the marina impresses with its typical boaters flair. You can choose between light Mediterranean food, typical island specialties and international cuisine. The Pizzeria and buffet "9 Fofora" is next to the reception. The perfect meeting point for boater before they set sail or a nice place for the first morning coffee with warm croissants. The opening hours are from 7:30 am to 10 pm.


This is a very beautiful hotel just above the marina. There are offered excellent fish specialties. The hotel is opened all year round. A table reservation is recommended. Tel. / E-Mail. There is offered a 10 % discount for Wimmer Yachting guests.


Every yacht is basically controlled by our technical manager.

Every yacht has been cleaned in the underwater area.
You will receive a prepared checklist as well as a takeover list and a return protocol. We attach great importance that

everything is noted on the takeover and return protocol which is signed by both parties.
The various pieces of equipment will be made available in the salon.
Please check the yacht very accurate by yourself.
Let you explain the technical equipment and check the function.
You will get a fully fueled yacht.
After singing the checklist and after leaving the port you are responsible for the yacht.


On your return (latest Friday not later than 6 pm) don't forget to refuel.
After docking on the Wimmer Yachting pier please arrange an appointment in the Wimmer Yachting office for the check-out

and handing over the yacht.
All pieces of equipment should be replaced in the salon.
We kindly request to support the Wimmer Yachting Team by making a list with any problems that may have occurred

(f.e. failed light, echo sounder, autopilot, loss of items, etc.).
The check-out protocol will also be signed by both parties.

We kindly request to hand over the yacht in a reasonable condition that the next crew can check-in in time.

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